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New Enrollment

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2016-2017 Tuition Rates and Payment

Each Student Registration Fee Monthly Pymts (10) Total
Preschool-3’s $50 $75 $750
Pre-K -4’s $50 $95 $950
K-8 $100 $300 $3,000

Tuition Payment Options:

  1. If paying in full by August 8th, 10% will be deducted from the full amount. (Excludes Pre-School and Pre-K)
  2. Two equal payments- payment due on Aug 8th and January 9th (Excludes Pre-School and Pre-K)
  3. Ten monthly budgeted payments- payment due the 15th of each month (August through May).

Important Financial Information:

  • Those students paying on a monthly basis must pay both the registration fee and August payment before beginning school.
  • Any student with payments 60 days overdue may be asked to withdraw.
  • Additional expenses may be incurred throughout the school year from activities such as field trips, mission trips, music festival, school pictures, meals, etc. Parents will be notified in advance of any such responsibilities.
  • At the end of the school year a student’s tuition must be paid in full before any records will be released. This includes report cards and the release of records to other schools.